Missions at Life ChurchSince its beginning, Life Church has had a heart for missions and for reaching other cultures with the Word of God. If you’ve ever wondered who your donations sponsor, check out the website here for a list of names and locations. Also, every final Sunday of the month, there will be a special “missions spotlight” where Pastor Kevin will highlight a missionary and their work. Life Church is honored to be a part of the worldwide work of the Gospel, and it would not be possible without you! Thank you for giving. God is doing great things all over the world!

Edward Moodie – Urban Outreach – Chicago, USA
Ben & Kathleen Struss
– Indonesia
Jeremy Skinner
– Indonesia
Elgin & Christina Combs
– Moldova
Jamie & Tasha Kemp
– Indonesia, Asia Pacific
Brian & Carolyn Dunn
– Stockholm, Sweeden
Pete & Libby Myska
– Overland – Zambia, Africa
Youth for Christ
One Body Collaboratives
Robert Stearns
– Eagles Wings – Israel
Jared & Brittany Larson
– Overland – Zambia, Africa
Rich Franzen – Impact Africa
Earl Goodrich – S. Africa
Josh Holder – Urban Outreach – New Orleans, USA
Joyce Kitano – Japan

Dr. Helen Laib – Circle of Love Foundation
Philip Ligthart – Zimbabwe
Justin Mayo – Red Eye
Corey Erman – Turkish Revival Ministries

Chad & Wendy Owens -E127
Todd & Julie Powers – Empower Ministries International
Mark & Tracy Seger – Portland Christian Center
Philip Smethurst – Overland Missions
William Snider – Philippines

Mission Spotlight

Brian and Caroline Dunn
Stockholm Community Church
Stockholm, Sweeden

Brian and Caroline recently had over 100 people from 20 different nationalities show up for their first service. Here is what one of the attendees had to say.

We celebrated our Grand Opening Service this past Sunday at Stockholm Community and what an amazing day it was! I am truly grateful for the big dreams, inspiring vision, and courageous leadership of our pastors Caroline Zetterberg Dunn and Brian Dunn and the amazing servant hearts from our launch team to help make the dreams become reality! We are truly humbled by your hearts to serve in any capacity to make a difference in our city!! You have touched our hearts and lives in a special way! And Thank You to all the friends who came to support us in our first service, it truly meant so much to have you there! We are so excited for the next service, this Sunday at 11:00 at Alviks Kulturhus.

We support over 30 Missions Organizations and it’s through your generosity budget is raised for Missions at Life Church!

The year-long Missions commitment will go from April of 2019 to April of 2020. Starting in April, you can give toward your pledge weekly, monthly, or as a one-time gift sometime during the year. Most people choose to give monthly, but it’s up to you, and we don’t need to know. 

Get involved by pledging your Missions Commitment today.