Swaziland Missions Info

Life Church will be taking a mission trip to eSwatini, Africa, formerly known as Swaziland. The trip will be November 5th – 15th. We will be helping at the orphan home and feeding sites of the rural churches. We will also be helping run a tent crusade and doing some light construction. If you would be interested in more information fill out the form below.

Missions at Life ChurchSince its beginning, Life Church has had a heart for missions and for reaching other cultures with the Word of God. If you’ve ever wondered who your donations sponsor, check out the website here for a list of names and locations. Also, every final Sunday of the month, there will be a special “missions spotlight” where Pastor Kevin will highlight a missionary and their work. Life Church is honored to be a part of the worldwide work of the Gospel, and it would not be possible without you! Thank you for giving. God is doing great things all over the world!

Mission Spotlight

Pete and Libby Myszka

Pete and Libby Myszka
Overland Missions
Livingstone, Zambia

Pete has been on staff with Overland Missions as the chief engineer of the Zambia base since 2011. Libby is working alongside Pete using her teaching, worship leading, and administrative gifts. Together they serve the vision of Overland Missions to bring the Gospel to the most remote and forgotten places on earth.



Rich Franzen – Impact Africa
Earl Goodrich – S. Africa
Mark HausfeldGlobal Initiative
Josh Holder – Urban Michigan
Bob & Michelle Illes – RDM Xtreme Ministries
Jews for Jesus
Joyce Kitano – Japan

Dr. Helen Laib – Circle of Love Foundation
Philip Ligthart – Zimbabwe
Josh Mayo – Cross Church
Justin Mayo – Red Eye
Corey Erman – Turkish Revival Ministries
Damian McCrink – River City Church
Susan McCumber – Impact Ministries International
Mike McNamee – Western Europe
Jay Mooney – COMPACT Family Services
Brother Stephen – East Africa

Chad & Wendy Owens -E127
Todd & Julie Powers – Empower Ministries International
Mark & Tracy Seger – Portland Christian Center
Philip Smethurst – Overland Missions
William Snider – Philippines
Tim Southerland – North Europe
Donald White – CentralEurasia
Mike Williams – Middle East AGWM

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We support over 30 Missions Organizations and it’s through your generosity budget is raised for Missions at Life Church!

The year-long Missions commitment will go from April of 2019 to April of 2020. Starting in April, you can give toward your pledge weekly, monthly, or as a one-time gift sometime during the year. Most people choose to give monthly, but it’s up to you, and we don’t need to know. 

Get involved by pledging your Missions Commitment today.