Kevin Ramsby - March 26, 2017

A Fight to Forgive

Pastor Kevin Ramsby's testimony.

From Series: "Missions Week"

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They Still Need You

Stabbed 37 times. Left for dead. Offended by a silent and seemingly absent God. Convinced life could not exist beyond immediate and overwhelming circumstances, Kevin stopped fighting to live. That was until a voice heard from Someone Greater than his pain and perspective interrupted his final prayers declaring, “They Still Need You”. Someone needed Kevin to keep fighting. Someone was counting on him to arise from the blows dealt to him in life. Something far greater than he could ever imagined was about to become a reality but he first needed to begin fighting for what seemed so impossible – people who he really loved and needed him.

Arise Church

Kevin and Sarah Ramsby will be planting a new church on Detroit’s Eastside in September of 2017.

Kevin and Sarah Ramsby


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Do we see as valuable, what God sees as valuable?

Luke 15:8-10

The question this parable raises is, what value do we place on lost people?

Do we place the same value on them as God does? He wants us to passionately search for them the way the women searched for her coin, leaving no stone unturned.



Faith Promise Pledge:

The concept of a Faith Promise pledge is probably new to some of you. But here’s how it works…

Please take the Faith Promise Card (Click Here for the Faith Promise Card) – and ask the Holy Spirit what he wants you to give to missions this year. It is a faith promise pledge which means that it’s between you and God.

You are stepping out in faith believing that God is going to provide the money for what you pledge. We will never come ask you for this money. But based off of the amount we receive it lets us know to what degree we can help the missionaries we support this year. Faith Promise pledges can be given weekly or monthly, most will choose to do monthly.  You can give your missions pledge each month by using the Life church offering envelopes and marking the spot that says “Missions.”

If you decide to make a pledge – please Click Here and print out the pledge form.  Once you’ve filled it out, you can mail it to Life Church – or even better, you can bring it to one of our services in person and leave it in the offering basket.


To mail your form you can send it to:

Life Church
5910 Elevator Road,
Roscoe, IL 61073