School of the Bible – Testimonies

LifeSchool - Testimonies

“Life School of the Bible has encouraged me, grown me, and stretched my faith. I’ve learned to dream and let God be everything in my life. It’s been one amazing year and this is just the beginning of the story God has written for me.” -Nellie

“I’m so glad I signed up for this class, it’s been difficult at times with family, church, work, full-time college, and groups, but it has so been worth the time!”

“Life School of the Bible was immensely life changing! It was very enlightening to me!’

“By learning what I have in Bible School, and getting closer to the Lord, I was able to minister to my family when my grandfather was passing away. It has been such a blessing.” -Jeremy

“The first year school of the Bible has been so good for me. It has made me think about why I believe what I believe, it has brought me to a closer relationship with not only the Lord, but with my husband! This year has really sparked my fire and given me new desires to follow after the Lord and to share the good news with others.” -Jennifer

“This course has given me the confidence that I need to minister to others.” –Sandra