Life Church Podcast allows you to subscribe to the latest weekly message and have the audio automatically delivered to you every week. We gather the best of the weekly message and post the audio so you can listen again to the messages shared. These podcasts are free. What is Podcasting / What is a podcast? Podcasting is a “method of publishing audio broadcasts via the Internet.” It’s a way for individuals, companies and organizations to create audio programs and allow people to download, listen, and subscribe to them very easily. The term podcasting comes from “iPod” and “broadcasting”. However, you don’t need an iPod to listen to a podcast. Anyone with a computer, mp3 player or smart phone can subscribe to a podcast. The ability to ‘subscribe’ podcasts allows you to have fresh content downloaded to your device automatically when new content is available. How do I subscribe to the Podcast If you have iTunes on your computer, click the iTunes button or icons (purple subscriber icons). This will open up the iTunes page for the Life Church podcast and click the subscribe button. From your iOS, Android or other mobile device you can click on the orange podcast subscribe button. If you have a podcast application it should open and give you the option to subscribe. If you use a different podcast reader on your computer then you can copy and paste the “Feed URL” into your podcast reader. Refer to the help on your feed reader for instructions on how to do this. Alternatively, users can listen to podcasts on an individual message page using the embedded audio player towards the bottom of the page. Simply click the play button and the media player will start streaming the audio version. Subscribe to podcast in iTunes Subscribe to podcast

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