Life Church Leadership College

At Life Church Leadership College, recent high school graduates who feel a call to full-time vocational ministry receive accredited bible and ministry education, hands-on ministry experience, and personal mentorships from seasoned Life Church staff pastors. Our Leadership College students receive a four-year Bachelor of Arts degree in Church Leadership through our partner university, Southwestern Assemblies of God University (, and they receive it at an incredible discounted rate. Here, we believe in world-changers, and we believe that these world-changers should be able to receive all of their ministry training in one place. By believing in the one, we are therefore believing and investing in many. Our students represent God-given destiny that will change the Kingdom of God.

Are you interested in investing in one of our world-changers? We are looking for Life Church families who are willing to open their homes to Leadership College students in the future semesters. Please fill out this initial application for us and return it either by mail or in person at the Connect Center over weekend services.

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Life Church Leadership CollegeProud Partner of Southwestern Assemblies of God University (SAGU)


Interested in opening your home to host a student? Fill out a Connection Card

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Roscoe Campus :
Saturday 4:30
Sunday 9:00am & 11am
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Rockford Campus:
Sunday 9:00
Iglesia De Vida
Sunday 11:00am
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