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Healing Ministry Prayer Service
Healing Ministry Prayer Service
Healing Ministry at Life Church consists of teaching and one on one ministry by our trained team. We want to see people receive Jesus as their Savior and live a full healthy life. If you need healing join us on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month and we will pray for you. This is a community event. You do not need to be a member of Life Church to attend this event. All are welcome who need healing.

The Great Physician: Still On Call
Great Physician Book
Pastor Evelyn Gipson has spent a lifetime of study on the subject of healing. Healing is a portion of what Jesus appropriated for us on the cross. This book has been created to give you some understanding on how to receive your healing, how to walk in your healing, and how to maintain and protect your healing. Evelyn’s heartfelt intent is that this book will inspire you to seek the knowledge of God in the area of healing and train you to pursue healing for yourself as well as for others. Make it a point to diligently study the scriptures within as a launching pad to unlock the mystery of God, especially where healing is concerned.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy contact Pastor Evelyn or call the church offices.

Jesus Heals - Verses and Testimonies of Hope
Jesus Heals Audio
This CD is full of healing scriptures and testimonies. As you listen to these words of God, allow it to go down on the inside of you just as if you are taking medicine. Utilize this audio where healing is needed. If you have a friend in the hospital, take this and play it with them. Play it in your house to fill it with Gods Word on healing. Share it with anyone that needs healing.

Healing Ministry Podcast
The Life Church Healing Ministry Podcast is another way that you can learn what God says about you and that you are healed. When a Healing Ministry event or class is recorded, it is published on the podcast feed and your podcast player will automatically download it so you can listen. Anyone with a computer, mp3 player or smart phone can subscribe to a podcast.

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