Harvest Festival

Life Church is going to Light the Night this Halloween!

We are taking a different approach on being a light to the community this year.

What does that look like? This year we have asked anyone who calls Life Church home to be the “House” on the block. We want our attendees to stay at home this year and be a blessing to their neighborhoods. Giving out the best candy, meeting people in their communities, and sharing the Light we have been given.

Some have asked us why we are not having a free festival this year; we would like to share our heart with you. We believe the church should be in the community more than just one night a year. It’s been a blessing to the area no doubt, but we must do more! To fulfill the call that Life Church has to be in the community, we knew we had to make a change. One of our driving statements at Life Church is –

“If our church left our community, would they care? Would they even notice.”

We had to have a reality check, were we living that statement out? If you looked at the trajectory of our church, we realized it would be easy for us just to have one big event a year, but that wasn’t enough. Life Church truly needed to embrace the communities we are in. From that realization, Community Life was created.

Community Life is our arm of ministry that gets people outside the four walls of the church and into the communities we live in. This year we have launched into serving our community in conjunction with some amazing organizations and opportunities. Community Life has been a culture shift that has helped us focus on daily being in the communities we live.

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When & Where

Roscoe Campus :
Saturday 4:30
Sunday 9:00am & 11am
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Rockford Campus:
Sunday 9:00
Iglesia De Vida
Sunday 11:00am
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