Empower Weekend Sunday 11am Service – Pastor Derek Smith


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“There is no meaning in it, but you can draw meaning from it.”

Quotes & Notes

What does a believer do with Pain?
What do you do with it? How do you move on from it?
“At the end of rough roads theres some great places.”
“God is committed to getting you through stuff, getting you to stuff. ”
3 Chapters in the old testament about A man called David.
David is in a very strong place but he’s bored.
The most dangerous animal in the world is a bored man.
“Temptation isn’t a sin. What you do with temptation creates an outcome.”
“He got up to his feet, went and washed, put on new cloths, went to the temple and worshiped.”
“The pain in his heart must have been immense. Because he knew it wasn’t the child’s sin, it was Davids.”
“While he was alive I fasted and prayed, I fought for the living. Now he is dead and he cannot come to me but one day I will go to him.”
“Let me tell you what you do with pain, you don’t die with it you get up from it.”
“You’re not beaten if you get up one more time.”
“God wants to bring you through stuff but He’s not going to do it for you, He’s going to do it with you. You’ve got to get up.”
“You smell of what you hang around. As it is in life, so it is spiritually. ”
“The most breakthrough comes out of brokenness. Your biggest triumph is connected to your worst defeat.”
Winston Churchill – Their Finest Hour speech Quote
“You have to say, in the worst of times, ‘This could be our finest hour’. Because there is something out of adversity where men and women rise to their feet.”
“David Fought every day of his life. Solomon lived in peace. Though you may feel like David, within you is Soloman.”
“There is a solomon in your future if you get up.”
“What would have happened if David wouldn’t have moved on from his pain? No Solomon. No Future.”
It’s not great to end a conference on Pain. It should be, “let’s win the world, missions field and everything!” I know some of you want to, but you’re battling with pain. It’s real.
“The joy of Solomon will overshadow the pain.”
“I can’t pray for you and take your pain, but I can stand with you believing for Solomon.”
“Pray Solomon for your future.”
“I don’t know anybody better than Jesus at healing broken hearts.
 I don’t know anybody better than Jesus to bring honey out of death.
 I don’t know anybody better than Jesus to bring life out of death and brokenness.”