Empower Weekend Saturday Service – Pastor Derek Smith


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Quotes & Notes

Matthew 6:5-8
“We read scripture as if scripture is going to give us a method, the scripture is going to give us a pattern. That scripture is going to tell us what to do.”
“When you read scripture, we not just got to look for the pattern, but you’ve got to look for the principal.”
“Don’t pray to impress people. Your prayers don’t impress anyone.”
“Before we pray, ‘your kingdom come, your will be done’ we have to go back to what seems like a throwaway couple of words in verse 6. Close the door”
“Doors do two things. They keep some things out and some things in.”
“So when you ‘close the door’ you are saying, ‘No, you can’t come in’ to some things and to other things you’re saying, ‘I am not losing you, you are not going out’.”
“Before we ever get to praying, ‘your kingdom come, your will be done’, and stepping into the fullness of what God has for us, maybe in our lives we got to close the door to some stuff that is stopping us moving on to what God has for us.”
“When you gave your life to Jesus, you closed the door to some things and you opened the door to a brand new life.”
“My friends, can I ask you tonight, what do you need to close the door on in order to move forward?”
“As linked to the future as being open doors, I think the opportunity of the future is linked with your ability to close the doors.”
“God’s responsibility is to open the door of opportunity but your responsibility is to close the door of what you were.”
“When you can’t see the open door of the future, you go back to what you know.”
“We are not going back. We are going forward. There is nothing in my past that I want. I’m empowered for now and I’m empowered for the future.”
“Empowering your future is as much to do with what you close to the door to as what you embrace.”
“When you come up against great opposition there is a human nature tendency to what to go back.”
“Your past still exist in the sense of your memories but it’s been deleted in the memory of God.”
“Wisdom as a Christian is knowing what God will do for you that you have no say over. Your salvation wasn’t a partnership. God did it all, all you did was say yes.”
“An open door and a closed door are often attached to the same hinges.”
“The reason the door of opportunity has not opened in our life like we expected it to is because the door of opportunity swings on the hinges as the door of your past and you haven’t closed that door yet.”