The goal of the Life Church “Community Life” Initiative is to mobilize at least 200 congregants each month to serve and make 5,000 touches in the community that exists outside the four walls of the church. The goal is for the church to “leave the building” and take the love and power of Jesus into all the communities Life Church congregants represent. A “connect” is any way that you show the love of Christ to someone outside of the four walls. You can pray for someone, serve someone, serve in an organization, read to students, coach a team, etc.

If everyone at Life Church (based on just 500 people) would make it their goal to serve 10 people each month in some way, we would impact 5,000 lives every month! We can do this!


Life Church has been working to establish Partnerships with a variety of organizations around the area in to facilitate ministry outside the walls of the church by congregants. We have done the legwork to provide the contact information and opportunities from different organizations in order to make it easier for you to get involved in the community. This brochure will continually be updated and placed at the Connection Center as we partner with more organizations and discover more serving opportunities.

Please understand that we encourage you to find places to serve on your own, and create ministries as the Holy Spirit shows you need and prompts your heart. We want to encourage, develop and coach you to live the dream God has placed in your heart to help people.

We will be keeping a scoreboard of how many lives are being touched each month in the lobbies of both campuses so we can track our progress as a church. We are asking you to report the number and type of connects you make with people in the congregation by going to and then clicking the Community Life button. You will be given the opportunity to report how you served that the week. We will also have a computer kiosk at the Connection Center in the lobby of both campuses for your convenience where you can record how you served before or after the weekend services.