Empower Weekend Sunday 9am Service – Pastor Andy Elmes


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Quotes & Notes

Isaiah 55:6,8, 11
“We can know the thoughts of God but I still believe the ways of God can be confusing sometimes. Because we try to package God according to how we would do things.”
“When God give a promise, that promise is certain. He backs it with His name and with everything He is.”
“Sometimes the ways that God does things are not the way that I would do things. The timings of God are different to my timings. The people He would use is different than the people I would use. How He would do it can be so radically different to how I would to it. I have to confess that He always does it better.”
John 3
“The best thing to to just say ‘Yes’ and ‘Amen’ and believe that God is not a liar.”
“The more I know about God the more I discover that He is unusual in His ways.”
“Usual is determined by who was here first.”
“The way confuses him…. so he begins to complain. Because he doesn’t understand that God’s ways are better.”
“God has many stages going on at once when he is doing something in your life. Its affecting you and those around you at the same time.”
“You’re not meant to work it out, you’re meant to believe.”
“If you’re waiting for it to make sense in your head, keep waiting.
I serve a God that when I think I’ve worked Him out, He does it a completely different way. I actually think that when I do work it out God says, ‘Change the plan!’
“Why do we believe that God would be like that in the Old Testament and in the New Testament and that He won’t act like that in our Now Testament.”
“Right now I have things going on in my life I don’t understand. I don’t get it. But I’m alright because I have the Promise.”
“Heaven and earth will pass away before his Word is not fulfilled.”
“Because we don’t now who, we don’t know when, we don’t know how. so we start shaking our fist. And God’s just saying, ‘I’ve got a plan.’ ”
“You’re halfway though a testimony, don’t blow it.”
“It may feel like a test, but you’re actually half way through a testimony.”
“It could well happen, in a way, at a time, though some people you never would have imagined.”